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M-1: Air Rifle Headquarters Published by *Robert Law, the catalogue printed from 1973 to 1981.
Law started selling European airguns in 1963 from his location in West Virginia. His catalogues were similar to those by Robert Beeman, whose group took over 10 years later.
"Air Rifle Headquarters" consisted of the catalogue in an 8 by 10 inch format and the smaller "Air Rifle Monthly" brochure. I have catalogues dated from 1973 to 1980 in my personal collection. It specialized in spring piston guns and were very informative. Catalogues are hard to find, so please call for availability.
$25.00 each when available, usually 100 pages per catalogue.

M-2: Air Rifle Monthly Printed in a 6 by 9 inch format, this magazine ran 16 to 26 pages.
It was an informative magazine featuring some tests, info on how to take apart and reassemble a Weihrauch air rifle, instruction booklets for certain airguns (often 25 pages with pictures), air pistol and match rifle digest. It consisted of 22 numbered publications for a total of 34 separate publications that I have in my collection. The series included a FWB sporter rifle, model 12, 120 and FWB 124 manual.
I have one issue in my private collection of an ARM annual, dated 1964, using the small format that sold for a quarter 40 years ago! I have quite a few ARM issues for sale.
$20.00 each - E-mail For Availability.

M-3: Beeman Catalogues An early airgun catalogue that came out in 1974.
Dr. Robert Beeman did a great deal of promoting the sales of European quality adult airguns. Beeman never made his own guns, nor did Robert Law, both merely imported them. Beeman guns carried the Beeman label.
The first four issues are very rare, and sport a black and white cover without a number sequence. There are 23 different Beeman catalogues.
Often Beeman might have up to three issues with the same issue number followed by a letter but they used the same cover. When searching for a Beeman catalogue, you should specify the edition number (i.e., 6B) and the publication date (i.e., 1981).
Issues 5 - 10 = $30.00 each
Issues 14 - 19 = $25.00 each
Issues 20 - 23 = $15.00 each

SPECIAL NOTE: There was no issue 13 printed.

M-4: Airgun News and World Report One of the earliest airgun magazines printed in the U.S. It is no longer printed.
It was printed quarterly from October 1985 until the winter of 1988. It then evolved into "American Airgunner" under a different publisher. It often had four airgun reviews in a single issue and was well written. Issues had about 60 pages.
$20.00 each

M-5: American Airgunner The first issue shared the title of "Airgun News and World Report" and "American Airgunner."
It was printed from the winter 1988. It picked up where the last issue of "Airgun News and World Report" left off, which was vol three, number one. The last issue was the April to June 1992 issue. It was well written with good airgun reviews.
$20.00 each

M-6: US Airgun Published by Robin Parks from July of 1993 until the January to March issue of 2001.
It seemed to be a continuation of "American Airgunner" with a new publisher. Often it was a quarterly magazine with three tests and 60 pages per issue.
One monthly issue was published in May 1997 but it was thin and so they changed the format to bi-monthly until July 1999 when it returned to the quarterly format.
USAG evolved into the "Rimfire and Airgun" magazine (RF&A) issue and it covered airguns, .22 rimfire firearms and softair weapons. RF&A's first issue was April to June 2002.
$15.00 each

M-7: Airgun World Published in Great Britain, featuring great color photography.
It offers reviews of airguns not common in the U.S.
"Airgun World" annuals offered a good overview of the line of airguns offered in England. Great color pictures.
Regular issues = $8.00 each
Annuals = $20.00 each

M-8: Airgunner An airgun publication from Great Britain.
It is similar to "Airgun World" but it's not the same.
"Airgunner" also published an annual that offered a good overview of the line of airguns offered in England. Great color pics.
Regular issue = $8.00 each
Annuals = $20.00 each

M-9: Air Gun Letter A great monthly resource no longer published. It was printed by Tom Gaylord from the fall of 1994 to 2002 and is a tremendous resource. 8 -16 pages.
$8.00 each E-mail For Availability.

M-10: Airgun Illustrated The leading airgun magazine in the U.S. when it was published. It was printed from October 2002 to March-April issue 2004. Tom Gaylord was their top airgun writers.
It usually had over 110 pages and is a must have magazine. I try and stock these issues.
$20.00 each E-mail For Availability.
Ask me about the premier issue.

*No, I'm not a direct relative of Robert Law, though I might be a shirtsleeves relative.




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