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B-1: The Complete Airgunner - by R.B. Townshend.
This is a 1984 reprint of 1906 original. Air Rifle shooting from an earlier day.
E-mail me for availability!

B-2: 75 Years Of Crosman Airguns - by Dean Fletcher.
This 221-page hardback book is an excellent resource for indentifying Crosman airgun models. It contains many original ads and pictures of the Crosman airguns.
Price: $50 E-mail me for availability!

B-3: Crosman Factory Service Manuals - for MK I and II.
Manuals are 26 pages and feature good factory info. Written by Dean Fletcher.
Price $20 - Check For Availability

B-4: Crosman models 113/114 - This book features reprints of original dealer ads and brochures. Nice pictures of all models with instructions.
Price: $20 - Check For Availability

B-5: Crosman Dealer Brochures - These original brochures cover the Crosman 111, 112, 115 and 116.
These are softback publications written by Dean Fletcher. Parts diagrams have been enlarged for excellent viewing.
Price: $20

B-6: American Air Rifles - by James House.
This 206-page softback features good coverage on American made multi-pump air rifles.
Price: $25

B-7: Booklet on Crosman 600, 677 - Booklet includes many factory ads, operating instructions, owners manuals, factory repair manuals, technical information, service bullets, tool listing. 46 pages.
Price: $20

B-8: Modern Air Weapon Shooting - by Churchill and Davies.
This 196-page book is a good intro to serious airgun shooting from a British perspective.
E-mail me for availability!

B-9:. Airgun Revue - by Tom Gaylord.
Issues 1 through 6 and a 100-page annual review many airguns. It is very well written - A favorite!
Price: Issues 1 - 4 = $25 each
Price: Issues 5 & 6 = $45 each

B-10: Collectors Guide To Air Rifles - by Dennis Hiller.
This is one of the best air rifle reference books with nearly 300 pages. Offers pictures of air rifles with history and prices in England.
Price: $60 (NEW)

B-11: Crosman Technical Facts - This 342-page book covers 23 of the most popular Crosman air guns. A very helpful book.
Price: $40 - Check For Availability

B-12: The American BB Gun - by Arni Dunathan.
This great reference hardback book covers the airguns of Daisy, King, Markham and many others.
Price: $45 - Check For Availability.

B-13: Diana Match Model 75 - Dismantling and assembling instructions.
This 24-page book was published by Diana. While this is a copy, it nonetheless is very helpful.
Price: $40

B-14: All About Airguns - by Robert Traister.
This 304-page, 5 by 8 inch softback covers shooting airguns, ballistics, how to adjust sights and some information on "Air Rifle Headquarters" literature. It features nice pictures of the Diana 75, FWB 300 S, Weihrauch 55 and many others. Printed in 1981.
Hard to find!
Price: $45

B-15: Air Guns And Air Pistols - by L. Wesley.
This 7 by 5 inch hardback book was printed in England in 1961. It has nice pictures and descriptions of airguns like the Zenit pistol, Haenel, Webley Plays, the Sheridan Blue Streak, Model B and others. 210 pages!
E-mail me for availability!

B-16: Pneumatic Arms And Other Oddicities - Hardback books.
Reprinted by Michael Parks, they feature mostly patent pictures and text.
E-mail me for availability!

B-17: Air Guns - by Eldon Wolf.
This book is 220 pages and a 1997 reprint of a classic.
E-mail me for availability!

B-18: Airgun Hunters Field Guide - by Terry Le Cheminant.
A 96-page softback.
E-mail me for availability!

B-19: Collectors Guide To Airpistols - by Dennis Hiller.
An excellent resource book on air pistols.
Price: $35

B-20: Crosman Model 160 Pellgun - by Dean Fletcher.
This 144-page book features an excellent mix of factory info and history regarding the 160 along with tuned versions by Mac 1. A must have!
Price: $30

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