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The American Airgun Hunter is written by Jim Chapman. This 5 by 8 inch softback book is a great guide for those getting started in airgun hunting, and a fun read for those already experienced in this challenging sport.
The author has hunted with airguns across the United States for a variety of game and discusses methods, quarry and hunting experiences in the book.

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This 232 page book is for all those airgun hunters that enjoy reading about other hunters' experiences and stories - along with helpful hints and information that apply on hunts. If you like to hunt, are thinking about hunting, or like to read about the success and mishaps of a hunter, then this is the book for you. American Airgun Hunter has over 80 photos.


1. Brief history of airguns, early airguns, airgun development in Europe, in the USA and in China.

2. Why hunt with an airgun? Practice for the big game season; finding a place to hunt, restrictions on firearms, its sporting and its fun.

3. The modern airgun: definition of a hunting airgun, field target, match and hunting guns. Spring piston, pneumatic guns, multiple pump guns, CO2 and precharged pneumatic guns.

4. Ammunition and ballistics: pellets are not BBs. Available calibers, types of pellets, pellet performance, effect on accuracy and matching the pellet to the game.

5. Type of game to hunt with an airgun. What's legal and where is it legal, rats and rodents, tree squirrels, ground squirrels, rabbits and jackrabbits, sparrow, starlings, pigeons - the feathered pest, woodchucks and marmots, nutria, taking the opportunistic shot.

6. Stories of the hunt. Early hunts - sparrows (I think) in China. A quick shoot in the high desert. Ground squirrels on the Pacific coast. Closing day squirrel hunt in Kentucky. The Mojave jackrabbit hunt. Nutria in Louisiana. Snowshoe hares in Utah. Colorado prairie dogs. The Senora jackrabbit hunt. Hunting and mountain bikes. Hunting crows in the San Gabriel Mountains. Urban hunting. Handgun hunting in Florida.


"Jim has done an excellent job of putting this little book together. Great photos, and you will find many folks who we all know mentioned throughout the book," Randy Mitchell.

"Have read and re-read a lot of Jim Chapman's just released book, The American Airgun Hunter. I feel its the best value yet for me in an airgun book. A combination of practical and technical lore plus personal experiences which are rare gems for an airgunner. For personal enjoyment and motivation I say its well worth the price and an enjoyable way to support the airgunner/hunter community." Cowbirdchiller

You can order the book for $20.00 delivered in the U.S. by e-mailing me today!

Jim Chapman can be contacted at:


Manic Compressive

This book by Ron Robinson covers 15 years of airgun testing. It is 127 pages softback and a good book with extensive coverage on CO2 guns and tuning, lots of chronograph figures. Published in 1998.
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$ 30.00


US Airgun

This magazine was published by Robin Parks from July of 1993 until the January to March issue of 2001.

Often it was quarterly with three tests per issues and 60 pages. It had one monthy issue in May of 1997 but it was thin. The format changed to bimonthly until July of 1999 when it returned to the more practical four issues a year format.

US Airgun evolved into Rimfire and Airgun (RF & A) magazine which covered airguns, .22 rimfire firearms and softair weapons. The first issue was April to June 2002 issue. Excellent reviews.

$ 10.00 per copy


Air Gun Digest I - III

There are three different editions of this 8 by 11 inch softback book. Volume one was written by Dr. Robert Beeman and it has 256 pages. It was good coverage on pre-1900 guns and modern airguns.

It was printed in 1977 and offers good pictures. Written coverage on Crosman, Benjamin, Sheridan, El Gamo, Frinwerkbau, Daisy and Russian made airguns are included. It also includes target shooting competition and penetration tests using ballistic puddy.

First edition - $40.00
Second edition - $40.00
Third edition - $25.00

(For editions I & II, click here.)



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